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Editorial Review

For the millions of children--and the adults they grow into--who are mad about horses, who live to ride, who spend more time in stables than stores, who know the difference between a hock and the fetlock, comes a sweet, charming, wise, obsessive celebration of the bond between woman and horse. Written and illustrated by Bonnie Timmons, the award-winning artist whose signature squiggly style was seen every week on NBC's hit show Caroline in the City and is featured in places ranging from The New York Times to Fortune 500 advertising campaigns, Hold Your Horses is 144 full-color pages of irresistible pleasure and unexpected horse sense.

The book starts with First Love, moving quickly to Lessons, including the gallop: "a gait so fast your worries can't keep up," and jumping: just "throw your heart over first," and, of course, falling--otherwise known as "an unscheduled dismount." There are tips on Buying One of These Things, plus the truth about Care and Feeding. (The trick here is knowing how much your horse weighs. Easy, really: 1. Weigh yourself. 2. Weigh yourself holding the horse. 3. Subtract 1 from 2.) And Horsekeeping Truths: "A horse knows what you know. He also knows what you don't know."

Written out of a lifelong love, Hold Your Horses gets to the heart of the passion that horses inspire. Every horseperson will see him or herself in its pages.

About the Author

Bonnie Timmons is an award-winning illustrator who drew all the cartoons for NBC's long-running hit Caroline in the City. Her editorial work has appeared in The New York Times, The Denver Post, Time Magazine, and other national magazines and newspapers, and she has done print and animated campaigns for AT&T, McDonald's, Quilted Northern, Land's End, and other companies. She lives on a farm outside of Philadelphia, with her husband and a personal menagerie that includes an ever-changing cast of horses. Click here for photos of the author and her horses.